H 🖤 M E


Remember: You’re Human


  • Dear World,
    ⚠️Explicit Story Warning ⚠️ What I’m about to tell you may disturb you. It is explicit in details, so please be considerate and advised. It’s been months since I played with myself and believe it or not, denying that part of you makes you even more cranky and hostile. With a 7 month old and … Continue reading Dear World,
  • Dear World,
    I finished week 1 exercises!! I feel great and it does wonders for the Ol’ thinker. I’m exhausted and kind of ready for this two day break. There’s always fear of getting too laxed. As a proud sloth, I take comfort in my laziness but it doesn’t help with my mental or physical health. For … Continue reading Dear World,
  • Dear World,
    I have new friend. I hope to have an indoor garden one day. For now, I’ll take my new edition; Lil Ivy 🖤💚